300-500 kg/ h cattle sheep feed production process_Hengfu Feed Pellet Machine

300-500 kg/ h cattle sheep feed production process_Hengfu Feed Pellet Machine


Cattle feed should contains needed supplements like protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals to make sure cattle can grow healthy and fast. The pellet shape cattle feed is one of the most used cattle feed type and it is getting more and more popular among cattle farmers.

  • Advantages of cattle feed pellet
  1. It can contains several types raw materials to make it more nutritionally balanced. And pellet feed can avoid picky eating.
  2. Reduce waste. The pellet feed can maintain uniformity during storage, transportation and feeding, it can reduce feed losses by 8% to 10%.
  3. Better quality feed, good palatability. In the granulation process, due to the combined effects of moisture, temperature and pressure, some physical and chemical reactions occur in the feed, starch is gelatinized, and the enzyme activity is enhanced, which can enable the fed animals to more efficiently digest the feed and convert it into weight gain.
  4. Feed pellet is more healthy to cattle. During pelleting process, the method of steam high-temperature can kill salmonella in feed materials, reduce the infection of toxic and harmful bacteria.
  5. Reduce storage cost. Good liquidity, easy to manage, the bulk density of feed is generally increased 40% -100%, which can reduce the storage capacity and save transportation costs.
  • Raw materials

Raw materials for cattle are mainly grass, legumes, silage and etc. Hay, straw, green feed can provide basic fiber content, concentrated feed like grain, cereals, bran and cake meal can supply enough protein for cattle.

To save your cost, you can adjust the raw materials type, normally use the available materials during the harvest season.

  • Production process:

grinding→mixing→conveying→pelleting→lifting→cooling→dust collecting→ lifting→packing, here is the detail machinery information following:

Grinding: once you have your raw materials for making cattle feed, you might need grinding them all to powders, especially like grass, if it is long, it must be cut first, this process will make sure the materials are more easier to be mixed formed pellet.

Mixing: after grinding the raw materials, and confirmed the proportions on each materials, you need to mix the premix accordingly, the feed mixing machine is the “heart” of the entire feed production line, the capacity of the mixer determines the feed production line’s capacity. Using the mixing machine can mix the premix materials evenly and make the final product better quality.

Pelleting: the flat die pellet machine make use of the interaction of pressing force and friction force between the press roller and the press die to make the material into granules shape. During the production process, the starch in the feed can be ripened and make the feed more aromatic. The particle formation process can degenerate the resistance factors in grains and beans, reduce the adverse effects on digestion.Also the production process can kill various parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms and reduce various parasitic diseases and digestive system diseases. By using the feed pellet machine, it is more easier to feed the poultry, comparing to powder feed, the pellet feeds’ utilization rate is higher and you can reduce a lot of waste of the feed.

Cooling & packing: if you need to sell the feed pellet to farmers or retail stores, you need to pack the feed pellets in bags, we will provide the correspondingly packing machine for you and to make the production line more automatic, we will deploy the cooling machine for you to make it more quick to cool the pellet and convenient to be packed.

Related equipment List

Final feed pellet

a. For pig, the pellet diameter is usually ø3.5-6.5mm.
b. For cattle, the pellet diameter is usually ø4.5-8mm.
c. For chicken, pellet diameter is usually ø3.2mm.
d. For fish, pellet diameter is usuallyø2.0, ø2.5, ø3.0mm.
e. For shrimps, pellet diameter is usually ø1.0-ø3.5mm.

Pellet length is customized.


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