9HT500 vertical mixer_Hengfu Feed Pellet Machine

  • Model: 500
  • Capacity: 500kg per batch
  • Power: 3kw single phase
  • Weight: 114kg(without motor)
  • Dimension: 1100mm*800mm*2380mm

Hengfu Machinery Ring die feed machine Introduction


Vertical feed mixing machine is one of the commonly used machines in feed production, normally used before pelleting process for making the raw materials evenly. It is widely used in small and medium feed processing plant, kinds of poultry, livestock, aquaculture farms, retail stores, feed factory and etc.


Features and Advantages

Main parts

The vertical feed mixer’ s working principle is adding the materials to be mixed from the lower feed inlet, and the lifting screw in the feed mixer enters the vertical screw conveyor from the feed hopper of the vertical mixer. After the materials are lifted up to the top, they are thrown out in an umbrella shape, falling from all around the mixing chamber, re-entering the vertical screw conveyor from the bottom of the sleeve, and then lifting up again, working like this until the mixture is even, and open the outlet to discharge the material.

The vertical mixer has advantages as following:
1.Simple structureand simple manual operation, easy to maintain.
2.The mixture is even and the output is large.
3.Cover small area, low site requirement.



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